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SAM Background

It is envisaged that the final SAM framework will be similar to the Solvency II Directive. The Solvency II Directive's principles are challenging and require dedication, time, skills and resources. The Solvency II Directive also holds other challenges for many insurers. It will require implementation as well as maintenance costs in order to adequately prepare and continuously ensure that all the compliance requirements are met. This is a particular challenge for many niche and smaller insurers.

The main goals of the SAIA SAM PSO is to efficiently contribute to the design of SAM, to be the industry body representative on SAM and to assist members with adhering to the compliance requirements of the SAM regime. The objective of the SAIA SAM PSO webpage is to provide our members with useful information regarding SAM.

We trust that the information contained within this webpage will be of value to you as you prepare for the new SAM regime.