South African Insurance Association

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 Dear Members,

In support of the announcement made by President Cyril Ramaphosa on 23 March 2020, that ordered the entire nation into a full lockdown in a bid to slow down the rate at which the COVID-19 virus is spreading in South Africa, SAIA employees will, with immediate effect work remotely in the safety of their homes.

We believe that as an organisation, we are well-placed to continue operating efficiently and seamlessly using the technological platforms that are at the disposal of almost every SAIA employee. Where meetings of high importance are to be held, agendas will be communicated via round robin and tele-conferencing and videoconferencing will be used as the primary tools of audio and or audio-visual communication. However, should the agenda not justify the meeting, these will be postponed to some later date.

Our work as an industry representative body will continue through the 21-day lockdown supporting the non-life insurance industry through engagements, consultations and the continued electronic dissemination of vital insurance information to our members as well as the general public. However, our commitment to safeguard the well-being of our employees, members and various other stakeholders we normally interact with from time to time remains high, and so is our determination to do our bit for our nation in distress.

Our switchboard will be diverted to another number which may be off-site, but the recipient will take your contact details and relay this to the relevant SAIA employee you wish to speak to during our working hours. SAIA remains functional and accessible through its normal switchboard number, which is 011 726 5381 and the email You can also email the SAIA employee you wish to communicate with directly or call them directly on their mobile phone (please see attached for SAIA employee’s contact details).

We wish you all the best in these trying times.