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The discontinued “SAIA approved” programme

06 July 2023

It has come to our attention that there are some companies or service providers who still use fake or forged SAIA certificates of endorsement. These documents are used when soliciting and engaging in business on the back of the credibility of SAIA as the representative of the non-life insurance industry.

SAIA would like once again to emphasise that its “SAIA Approved” programme was discontinued over a decade ago. This was extensively communicated to the industry and service providers at that time. Any companies or service providers soliciting business on the back of these discontinued “SAIA Approved” certificates are doing so fraudulently.

SAIA urges industry and business to be vigilant for such attempts to enhance a sales pitch. Any company or service provider that carries such a certificate that bears the SAIA emblem as validation of their competence is doing so fraudulently.