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code of conduct

Code of Conduct

The SAIA Code of Conduct

SAIA and its members are committed to actively contribute to the principles of sustainable insurance practices. This is to ensure that the South African non-life insurance industry remains relevant, inspires confidence amongst its stakeholders and offers products and solutions that are beneficial to both the economy and society at large. The revised SAIA Code of Conduct and the Code of Motor Salvage were approved in September 2020. The revised Code has been aligned with updated legislation and has been modified as a principals-based guideline to the non-life insurance industry.  Click here to read the SAIA Code of Conduct

SAIA Code of Conduct Complaints Procedure

When a client has a complaint against a SAIA member, the complainant may lodge the complaint directly with SAIA. The complaint must however be in relation to the transgression of a section of the SAIA Code of Conduct. Click here for the SAIA Complaints Form.

The Code of Motor Salvage

The Code of Motor Salvage, included in the SAIA Code of Conduct (Annexure 3), is an agreement between the non-life insurance and its motor members. The purpose of the Code of Motor Salvage is to establish a common approach by all parties when dealing with motor salvage in South Africa and to assist in combating motor vehicle crime, specifically the cloning of motor vehicles. Click here for the Code of Motor Salvage


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