You are a Woman by Promise Mhlanga
Aug 24, 2018


No words can describe your worth. You are gentle, yet a strong pillar that bends instead of breaking when the strong winds of life blow. Your ability to forgive, love, nurture and embrace beyond your pain is outstanding. Your value is not determined by your bank balance; but merely determined by your existence. Your presence is a stream of hope.

You are amazing beyond a chameleon that changes its colours. You assume various roles such as being a mother, wife, and a Doctor with no qualification. You are not a masculine being but you have strong yet invisible muscles that enable you to build the community and keep the household together. You discipline, comfort, sacrifice and provide for the entire family regardless of your income. You are an inspiration even in your silence. By virtue of being a woman, you naturally have the ability that enables you to nurture even if you did not give birth to anyone. As an Employee you have the ability to achieve greatness beyond what men can achieve in the workplace. You are too flexible to be confined in one role because you are a woman.

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