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The Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa

The Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa (FPASA) was established in 1973 to provide a specialised fire safety management technical and training service to industry, commerce and society at large.

Over the years the Association has developed a range of membership options, technical, training, and fire safety management services that are recognised for their quality, professionalism and value. Today the role of the FPASA covers education, information, advice, consultancy and training.

The Fire College is a professional training centre dedicated to assist in the reduction of life and property losses in the Southern Africa region. It provides training on the request of FPASA members and non-members alike, to suit the broad spectrum of industrial, commercial, institutional and local authority requirements.

The Technical Division includes the Library which offers a range of fire safety management consulting services to members and clients as well as short- term insurer specific services as part of the FPASA’s Insurer Fire Impact Reduction Strategy (InFIReS) initiative.

The Administration and Membership Division provides administration support to the Fire College and Technical Division. It also provides member promotion/support and publications sales. Our categories of membership will add value to any institution or business having an interest or involvement in fire engineering, fire protection, fire prevention or fire safety management. Commitment to continual improvement through our ISO 9001:2015 listed quality management system means that the services we offer are reviewed regularly in terms of our objectives and the needs of our members and clients.

The organisation enjoys extensive accreditation and approval including:

  • ISO 9001 for the quality management system; 
  • LGSETA ETQA accreditation/ approval for most training courses; 
  • SABS 1475 accredited fire equipment workshop; 
  • IFE (UK) approval for Fundamentals of Fire Investigation course; 
  • CAA accreditation for Aviation Fire-fighting; and 
  • SAQCC (Fire) accreditation for the fire appliance reconditioning course.

In spite of our status as a Not for Profit company (Association not for Gain) without ownership or shareholding, the FPASA has a formal BEE and employment equity policy, and is an equal opportunities employer. We currently enjoy a BBBEE Level 4 status.

Premises and Facilities
The FPASA operates from wholly owned premises at 105 Springbok Road, Bartlett, Boksburg; a site over 2 hectares in size owned by the Association and consisting of:

  • An administration block - accommodating the main reception area, fire safety library, board room with fire museum, offices and ablution facilities;
  • A Fire College - with three lecture rooms, fire museum/memorabilia display area, the kitchen, some offices, ablution facilities and an outside entertainment area; 
  • A fire house - with technical workshops and indoor live fire facility; and 
  • A large outdoor fire facility - including fire installation demonstration rigs, drill tower and lawned area for hose drills. 

Established FPASA Courses on Offer

(Already enjoys LGSETA, IISA, CFPA Europe, IFE-UK, SAQCC, SABS 1475, CAA accreditation)

1. Workplace Fire-Fighting & Evacuation;
2. Breathing Apparatus: Donning & Starting Up;
3. Breathing Apparatus: Operator Training;
4. Aviation Fire-Fighting;
5. Fire Risk Assessment and Safety Strategies;
6. Advanced Fire Prevention;
7. Fundamentals of Fire Investigation;
8. Advanced Fire Investigation Techniques;
9. CFPA Europe Principles in Fire Safety Engineering;
10. CFPA Fire Prevention Diploma; and
11. CFPA Advanced Fire Prevention Diploma.
12. SANS10400: A, T, W – A Detailed Analysis;
13. Bylaws – All Provinces;
14. Centrifugal Fire Water Pumps;
15. Fire-Stopping – A Guide to Passive Fire Protection; and the
16. Gas Suppression Design Course.

Risk Assessments and Fire Investigations

The FPASA conducts professional Fire Risk Assessments, and Fire Investigations, based on NFPA 921.

Our Risk Assessors and Fire Investigators have a minimum of 10 years work experience each (serving in the national Fire Brigade), with an accumulation of experience well over a century as a whole.

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