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Media Statement: SAIA Encourages Safety During Storms

Media Statement

The South African Insurance Association Encourages Consumers to Practice Safety during Storms

The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) extends its sympathy to all who have been affected by the recent storms in parts of Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. Storms such as these which cause extensive damage to property and vehicles, highlight the importance of protecting one’s assets to reduce hardship following such devastation. One way in which assets can be protected is by purchasing the correct insurance cover to protect consumers and businesses against costly damages.

Insurers do provide cover for damage caused by extreme weather conditions to assist consumers in rebuilding their lives when affected by storms. Consumers are therefore urged to contact their insurer to ensure if they have the correct cover in place.

Consumers are also encouraged to follow these tips to avoid and/or minimise damage during a storm:


  • When driving on the highway, try to stay in the middle lane as water tends to pool in the outside lanes;
  • Keep a very close eye on the brake-lights ahead and maintain a safe following distance.
  • Ensure that lights and hazards are switched on;
  • If possible, park your car under a secure shelter or cover it with a protective shield such as a blanket or car mats;
  • Ensure that you have saved a road assistance number on your cell phone, which is usually offered by motor insurance providers - these services are available every day of the year; and
  • Check weather alerts and try not to travel far distances in severe storms. 


  • Unplug all electronic equipment as soon as thunder is heard;
  • Stay away from all plumbing, including toilets, sinks and taps, as water is a conductor of electricity.
  • Always ensure that you maintain your building (replace broken roof tiles, fix broken gutters, replace aging infrastructure) as damage which results from wear and tear/lack of maintenance is not covered by your insurance policy.

At this stage insurers are dealing with claims as quickly as possible, therefore the number and value of claims costs will not be known for some time. In addition to this, determining the total cost of this disaster will be extremely lengthy as losses incurred not only relate to property damage.

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