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Stakeholder Relations and Communication

Stakeholder Relations and Communication

Healthy stakeholder relationships are crucial to the success of any organisation. This is especially relevant to the SAIA as its very existence is based on building and maintaining strong relationships with all stakeholders. These include SAIA members, Government, consumers, the media, fellow financial sector bodies and institutions, as well as society at large. As the representative body for the South African short-term insurance industry, stakeholder engagement plays a fundamental role in enabling the SAIA’s effective delivery of its mandate and value proposition to the industry. 

The SAIA recently established the Stakeholder Relations and Communication department as a result of a renewed focus on stakeholder engagement and communication, particularly in light of the image and reputation challenges facing the industry. The department’s mandate is not only to effectively engage with stakeholders and strengthen new and existing relationships but to promote the value and importance of the insurance industry by improving communication efforts. 

The focus areas of the Stakeholder Relations and Communication department include:

• Developing and implementing the SAIA’s Stakeholder Relations and Communication strategy, which addresses all levels of stakeholder management, from high level advocacy to the individual level; 

• Profiling the SAIA and short-term insurance industry, and highlighting the important role that it plays in the economy;

• Creating awareness and promoting understanding of the value of the short-term insurance industry;

• Building and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders segments (including continental and international stakeholders);

• Monitoring industry trends and the industry’s image and reputation;

• Stakeholder communication 

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