South African Insurance Association

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SAIA Operations

The Operations department ensures the smooth running of the following facilities at SAIA, the Accounting office, the Project Management Office, Intermediaries Guarantee Facility (IGF), SA Nuclear Pool Administrators (SANPA) and The South African Pool for the Insurance of Nuclear Risks (SANP)

The Project Management Office

The projects office within SAIA is responsible for the administration of projects (project plans updated and related deliverables and documentation is up to date including communication with stakeholders, (etc.). The office is assists with the roll out of the association’s annual budget process.

South African Nuclear Pool Administrators (Pty) Ltd (SANPA)

South African Nuclear Pool Administrators (Pty) Ltd is the administrator of the South African Pool for the Insurance of Nuclear Risks and is reimbursed by way of a administration fee for services rendered on behalf of the South African Nuclear Pool.

South African Pool for the Insurance of Nuclear Risks (SANP)

The South African Pool for the Insurance of Nuclear Risks was set up to provide insurance for the ESKOM owned Koeberg Nuclear Power Station and the NECSA owned research facility at Pelindaba.

These nuclear facilities both require the services of the international pooling system as the local insurance capacity available to write these risks is insufficient. Three classes of business is written i.e. Property Damage, Third Party Liability and Terrorism.    

Intermediaries Guarantee Facility Limited (IGF)

IGF was set up as a licensed short-term insurer to issue financial guarantees to intermediaries in terms of Section 45 and Regulation 4 of the Short-Term Insurance Act.   

Visit the IGF website

SAIA Taxation Committee

The objective of the SAIA Taxation Committee is to proactively contribute to the establishment of an efficient and equitable taxation regime for short- term insurers in South Africa by interacting, lobbying and debating with all stakeholders. The committee meets four times a year.

Insurance Data System (IDS) Steering Committee

The Insurance Data System (IDS) is managed by a Steering Committee. The system comprises of a Claims data base and a Policy data base and the objective of the system is to combat fraud in the industry.

Only members of SAIA or their duly authorised intermediaries may utilise the system. Authorised participants are granted access to the eNaTiS system as a result of their participation on the IDS.