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The Association of Marine Underwriters in South Africa


About us

The Association of Marine Underwriters in South Africa (AMUSA), a sub-committee of the SAIA, has been in existence for over 160 years. It continues to keep the proud history of marine insurance alive and well within the South African market place.

AMUSA is actively involved in maintaining a strong marine insurance presence by focusing on:

  • Maintaining professional standards

  • Engaging with all relevant industry bodies

  • Offering effective marine training at all levels – our mission!

  • Embracing diversity through tradition and innovation

  • Identifying new trends and keeping the market informed

    The Executive Committee Members representing AMUSA are:

  • Paul March (Chairman)

  • Steven Forcey (Vice-Chairman)

  • Frank Ponnen

  • Hilton Adams

  • Elesh Bisla            

  • Mike Brews

  • Diolete Dos Santos

  • Petra Fordyce

  • Ian Parkerson

    The aim of AMUSA is to remain active within its respective sub-committees, these include:

  • Reports from the coastal committees

  • Liaison with marine surveyors and brokers

  • Education (including the Regulatory environment, CPD as well as marine training)

  • Marine technical issues

  • International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI), including hosting the 2018 IUMI conference in South Africa

  • Monitoring claims issues

  • Reports on the cargo and commercial hull markets